Aerodynamics Explained: Inside The Secret World Of Wind Tunnel Testing

Improving range still tops the agenda as a way to convince drivers to go electric. But the question is, how do car companies do it?! Better batteries are one solution, but what role can aerodynamics and drag play in the plight for more efficient electric cars?! Imogen and Jack went to a top secret wind tunnel at Audi’s HQ in Ingolstadt to find out!

0:00 Top Secret Location
0:53 EVs, a new era for aero?!
1:17 Aerodynamics, and a little bit of science..!
3:27 A new engineering status quo?!
4:14 A massive fan and some big sieves
5:13 Why not use a computer?
6:08 Reality?!
6:40 Drag, and a little more science..!
7:55 A trip down memory lane
9:57 What are we trying to do?!
11:06 Time to turn on the wind!!
12:23 Some top aero tech
15:32 Active spoilers
16:58 The EV opportunity
17:52 How low can you go?!
18:34 Time to cool down
19:00 Engineering rockstars and concluding thoughts

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