The First Electric Morgan Is A 4/4 Conversion By Electrogenic

Morgan produces some of the most desirable cars in the world for people who extract pleasure from driving. They are considered superb machines for pilots and enthusiasts, which led to year-long waiting lines for some models. Unfortunately, the first electric car Morgan was ever supposed to sell, the EV3, did not pass the project phase. Still, Electrogenic fixed that for EV and driving enthusiasts with an electric 1957 Morgan 4/4.

Electrogenic Gives Us The First Electric Morgan – And A Triumph Stag

The company believes this is the first EV conversion ever made to a Morgan. To replace the 1,172 cm³ Ford 100E engine that originally equipped it, Electrogenic chose to give it the Hyper9, an electric motor developed by Netgain that delivers  79.8 kW (107 hp) and 234.6 Nm (173 lb-ft), quite an upgrade from what it was conceived to have.

Electrogenic Gives Us The First Electric Morgan – And A Triumph Stag

The motor was mated to the original gearbox in the Morgan, and some gauges were modified. Instead of presenting how much fuel is in the tank, the car now presents how much charge is left. The goal is to keep the car as original as possible.


Electrogenic can either convert your old Morgan or provide a turn-key solution for its customers, according to Steve Drummond, director of Electrogenic.

“A Morgan 4/4 will cost you about £20,000 to £40,000, and then our conversion will cost about £35,000 to £45,000 plus VAT. The whole process, including ordering parts, etc., takes 6 to 12 weeks.”

Electrogenic Gives Us The First Electric Morgan – And A Triumph Stag

As the video above shows, the battery packs are placed under the hood and on the luggage compartment. That gives the Morgan 4/4 35 kWh and a range of 150 miles, according to Drummond. With such a light car, we asked him what the biggest challenge in creating this REV (retro electric car) was.

“Everything is modular and updatable, but that’s the electronic integration, and physically fitting everything in!”

Apart from the Morgan 4/4, Electrogenic also created a Triumph Stag with the same battery modules and the Hyper 9 motor. Although it is a gorgeous car, the Morgan 4/4 beats it as a dream driving machine.

Electrogenic Gives Us The First Electric Morgan – And A Triumph Stag

Now that you know the prices, rest assured the electric conversion is not from Lucas, even if you can decide to keep Lucas electric components if your classic car came with them. We’d advise you to spend a little more updating that for some peace of mind. After all, the conversion should make these classics more reliable than they ever were. Thank Electrogenic for helping achieve that.

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