High Voltage Cables: Better Conductivity with Herrmann Ultrasonics

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Requirements for reliable and repeatable methods for power distribution, wire harness and cable assembly have become more in demand. It’s not just electric vehicles that are driving this innovation. Newer, modern vehicles improve safety, drivability, and infotainment with a myriad of sensors, cameras, and other electronics. These components and the modules they communicate with, need to be connected with more and more wiring. Ultrasonic welding satisfies the requirements for high conductivity, strong, reliable connections, and lighter weight due to no consumables.

Thoughtful Design

Herrmann Ultrasonics has met market demand with the newly designed HiS VARIO W/T. Capitalizing on the success of the high powered generator Herrmann delivers the new standard in metal welding.  Maximizing efficiency and reducing downtime addresses customer pain points. Equipment versatility was not forgotten. Many diverse applications can be assembled, with enough memory to save a unique weld profile and data for each. Application changeovers benefit from Herrmann’s reproducible, safe, innovative exchange concept.

  • Quick and easy application change over
  • Reproducible and safe tool change
  • High power capabilities for large gauge wire
  • Precise alignment
  • Modular and flexible
  • Ergonomic considerations
  • Safety enclosure with vertically activated door

Customer Focused Product Benefits 

  • Higher conductivity than crimping or resistance welding
  • Low heat affected zone for lower component damage
  • No consumables such as solder
  • Fast cycle times as a result of short weld time
  • Low power consumption compared to laser

Herrmann Reputation as the Foundation

Over 60 years of history and innovation have culminated in Herrmann’s leadership position in ultrasonic welding technology. We pioneered digital generator technology over twenty years ago, and continue to advance and modernize our product offerings.  Our 360-degree ultrasonic engineering concept focuses on customer requirements, but expands support from our ingenious engineering team to yours. 

  • Installed base of over 32,000 digital generators worldwide
  • Advanced process control, data acquisition and visualization
  • World-wide support from our four global headquarters and 17 local tech centers

Learn more about ultrasonic welding technology and the fundamentals of metals:

Sponsored by Herrmann Ultrasonics

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