Watt EV Coupe – Will It Make It to Production or Not?

The Watt Electric Vehicle Company (WEVC)  has unveiled the EV Coupe, a classic shape inspired by the 1955 Porsche 356A. WEVC is not connected with Porsche AG. WEVC does not imply that any of their products are a product of Porsche AG, nor are the Porsche or 356 names used or associated with WEVC products. So why would we think WEVC is on a slippery slope?

EV Coupe

WEVC says that there are many changes to the EV Coupe’s exterior and interior surfaces, yet it resembles the 356. Their composite body is more rounded, and aerodynamic.

EV Coupe

Headquartered at Rally Prep, in Saint Columb, United Kingdom, Watt is the latest company to carve out a new EV niche. Their two-seat, mid-motored, rear-wheel driven mixes retro style with modern EV construction. A real-world sports car that complies with modern safety standards.

EV Coupe

WEVC has created their own platform, made of bonded aluminum. Including the battery case in the chassis saved weight, and made it more organized structurally. Powered by a 40 kWh lithium-ion battery, there’s also a 120kW mid-mounted electric motor. This gives the EV Coupe near 50-50 weight distribution, and a 2,200-pound curb weight.

The interior uses high-end, lightweight materials. Modern sports car creature comforts, such as air-conditioning and mobile connectivity, are included.

EV Coupe

WEVC has conducted ample original testing, with more to come. Production cars will have a worldwide light vehicle test procedure (WLTP) range of 230 miles. Launch Edition Coupes will reach zero-62 MPH in about five seconds.

EV Coupe

“With our new vehicle we wanted a light, appealing sports car, positioned at the opposite end of the range from the current trend building powerful, fast accelerating, but heavy electric cars, said Neil Yates, WEVC founder and owner. “The EV Coupe’s focus is on occupying the driver, while providing enjoyment at the same time. It has a comfortable ride and excellent response, with a double wishbone suspension, 16-inch wheels and low-profile tires, and a handling balance that is entertaining.”

EV Coupe

The EV Coupe’s advanced development will continue over the coming months ahead of a production car reveal in late summer. Manufacturing will begin in November, with deliveries beginning in early 2022. Launch Edition Coupes will start at $113,050. We reached out to WEVC for a comment about the car’s design, but did not hear back from them prior to posting our story.

[Images: Watt EV Company]

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