Renault ZOE Z.E50 all-electric hatchback / zero emission city car 2019 – 4k review | Fully Charged

***Since this was shot, Renault have released some updates on the figures quoted in this episode, most notably the range of this Renault ZOE Z.E50 is now confirmed at 245 miles WLTP standardised cycle ( ≈ 394 km) and the acceleration from 50 – 75 mph (or 80 – 120 km/h) is 7.1 seconds.
[This represents an increase of 31% in range from the previous 2nd generation model (Z.E 40) that had a range of 186 miles ( ≈ 300 km) WLTP.]***

The Renault ZOE has always been a favourite affordable EV of Fully Charged and we’re not alone as apparently “cumulative sales” make it the most common EV in Europe.
It might not look it, but this 3rd generation model is the latest, fastest, most rangey Renault ZOE all-electric hatchback. Crucially more of a techlift than a facelift; a 52kWh battery pack replaced the 40kWh, bringing a WLTP calculated range of 245 miles ( ≈ 394 km) – a 31% increase in range for this new Renault EV.
No test drives have been made of the new Renault ZOE Z.E50 electric supermini yet, but Jonny Smith heads to Paris, France, in another 4k review for the Fully Charged Show to explore the vastly improved dashboard, connectivity, 50kW fast charge ability and minor exterior tweakage of this already impressive and relatively cheap electric car.

According to Renault:
“UK pricing and specification details will be out in the coming weeks”.
“Fully Charged are driving the car on the International Press Launch at the end of October”.
“New ZOE arrives in the UK showrooms from late Autumn”.

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