Draper wins patent for electrostatic motor

Draper is developing a family of electric motors and generators based on fundamentally different principles from common e-motors used today. Underpinning the initiative is a recent patent on aspects of the technology.

Draper says its approach to electric motors has numerous advantages over conventional electric motors, including lower weight, higher efficiency, higher specific power and lower cost of materials. The company’s patented approach to electric motors, which is available to license, replaces steel, copper coils and rare earth magnets with thin, light and widely available materials.

“Our e-motors use thin electrodes and electrets which reduce weight by 80% or more as compared to conventional motors,” said Manager Sabrina Mansur. “This translates to a range extension of up to 40% for drones and up to 25% for electric vehicles, based on our simulations.

Source: Draper

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