Maddie Goes Electric, Episode 6: Living with an electric car (Round-up with Robert) | Fully Charged

In this final episode of Fully Charged Show’s 6 part series “Maddie Goes Electric” – a beginner’s guide to electric cars, Maddie Moate chats to Robert Llewellyn to share her experiences of getting and living with her first electric car.

Robert (a long-time electric vehicle driver) wants to know:
How easy was it to rapid charge the Kia e-Niro on a long journey?
Why did Maddie choose to call her new electric car Robert?!
What was Maddie’s biggest gripe with driving an EV?
Would Maddie ever go back to driving a petrol/gas vehicle?
What advice would Maddie give other people looking to get their first electric car?

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Many of our viewers already ‘drive electric’, power their homes with clean energy etc. and many are looking to ‘go electric’.

But if like our presenter Maddie Moate (science communicator & BAFTA-winning presenter) you’re interested in electric cars, but don’t know where to start, this is the series for you!
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Presented by Maddie Moate @maddiemoate and Robert Llewellyn @bobbyllew
Shot by Maddie Moate, Greg Foot, Andres Davies, George Collings, James Mackay & Stuart Lanceley.
Edited by Stuart Lanceley

Sonorina by Isaac Joel
Sunshine and Showers by Lincoln Grounds
Never Looking For Love by Samuel Johnson &  Laura Robertson

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