Swiss gas station chain launches national fast charging network

Migrol, a chain of gas stations associated with the Swiss grocery giant Migros, has announced plans to roll out a network of DC fast charging stations. Migrol currently operates more than 300 gas stations, many of them adjacent to convenience stores, car washes and/or auto repair shops.

The chargers will be located along principal travel routes in Switzerland, and will offer power levels up to 160 kW. Charging will require no network membership or pre-registration, but will be payable using a debit or credit card, including Migrol’s Migrolcard. Many of the locations feature shops where drivers can sit and have a drink while waiting for a charge.

The company hasn’t specified exactly how many stations are planned, but says it will be adding new locations over the next few months, and also has plans to expand into workplace and residential charging.

Source: Migros (in French or German)

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