Lucid Air buyers get 3 years of free charging from Electrify America

It’s de rigueur these days for automakers to offer a free charging package with a new EV as an added sweetener, to allay drivers’ understandable concern about public charging.

Now Lucid Motors has announced that “all Lucid Air reservations made by the end of 2021 will get complimentary access to unlimited charging of up to 350 kW at the Electrify America network for three years.”

Electrify America is building a comprehensive nationwide network of DC fast charging stations. The network has 556 charging sites live at last count, in almost every state, and some of the CCS stations can charge at a blazing 350 kW.

The Lucid Air boasts an estimated EPA range of up to 517 miles, and it incorporates several advanced charging features. The new EV has a novel 900-volt architecture, and Lucid’s Wunderbox onboard charger is designed to ensure that charging always takes place at the quickest possible rate. Using EA’s fastest machines, Lucid claims that the Air can add up to 300 miles of charge in 20 minutes.

Lucid says the Air will support bidirectional charging (at least when paired with the Lucid Connected Home Charging Station), enabling the car to be used as a backup power source.

Lucid has obviously spent a lot of time thinking about charging. Even the Air’s charging port is “a thing of beauty, with a cover that slides elegantly out of the way for any CCS connector, and a light that illuminates to indicate charging status.”

Source: Lucid Motors

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