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Ahhh, Polestar 2, we’ve been expecting you… here’s the Fully Charged verdict!

The exquisitely beautiful Polestar 2 leaves Robert literally lost for words but how does it compare to the Tesla Model 3? On every point of reference, the Polestar 2 is seriously impressive and it’s really only the lack of charging infrastructure, that Tesla offer, holding this back from being the equal of the Tesla Model 3. The exciting thing about this car is, that as it’s 100% manufactured in China, they should be able to scale up to mass manufacture them. *For easy reference, use the Timestamps listed below…*

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0:00 Introduction to Polestar 2
1:17 First Impressions
3:07 Android Interface
3:59 Made in China
5:15 Impressive Acceleration & Handling
6:00 Obvious Comparisons to Tesla Model 3
6:53 Stat Attack
8:05 One Tiny Problem
09:07 No Killer, All Thriller
10:04 Charging Details
10:58 Exterior Aesthetics, Frunk & Boot
14:15 In Summary
15:12 Independent Perspective
16:18 On Track

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